Monthly Archives: July 2016 Takes the Fun of Shemale Cams Chatting to Unchartered Heights

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Chatting with shemales or transvestites might be a dream of many adult males and females, but there are not too many chat portals in this niche. attempts to elevate the fun of shemale cams chatting., a top chat portal that offers shemale cams chatting live, recently added a host of features on the site, so that shemale webcam chatting can become funnier and more enjoyable experience for the adult patrons, primarily male. The chat portal owners told the press that the fun of online shemale cams chatting has just been taken a few notches higher with the introduction of the private chat rooms.

“Before, there was no private chat room on our portal and the privacy settings were also not top-notch. However, we realized that in order to stay in the race, we must introduce one-on-one private chat rooms to take the fun of erotic shemale cams chatting,” commented an insider. He also added that the uncensored chatting sessions are bound to bring more privacy and more excitement to the end users.

“We wanted to create a chat community and environment where everybody could speak their heart out and where nobody is going to stop anyone from sharing an erotic job or exhibiting for the sake of entertaining the other person. Uncensored one-on-one chatting seemed the only solution that could bring home the bacon. So here we are, with the site’s traffic and membership growing by leaps and bounds with each day passing”, the executive added.

Started in early 2016, the shemale cams chatting portal is one among the top transvestite chatting portal on the web right now. With a growing fan base and a continuously expanding member’s community, the owners believe that the site is yet to reach the unchartered heights where it wants to reach.

“We have gone from strength to strength since our inception, though we believe this is just a small beginning. The one-on-one chatting sessions that we are offering now can make chatting within a private space far more enjoyable than it was ever before”, said the CEO and managing director of the online chat portal. She also indicated that the shemale chatting portal registration fees may drop earlier next year.

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